Landlord Portfolio Review

Do you have the peace of mind that your property portfolio is compliant, well managed and working hard for you? Are you obtaining the best returns?

The current economy brings many challenges for landlords; which is why it is such an important time to review your portfolio and plan for the future.

We offer a 5-step review with our experienced property management Director, Sarah Marshall. 

Sarah is an expert in the lettings market and can help maximise your returns, whilst offering customer service built on trust, reliability and efficiency.  Sarah will focus on the following areas during a landlord portfolio review which will highlight any risk areas and ensure compliance with legislation, identify potential savings and maximise your returns. 


Are you up to date with current legislation? Are your contracts compliant?

Did you know that there are over 500  pieces of legislation and laws affecting the private residential lettings industry? We run an in-house diary to ensure legislation changes are recorded, up-to-date and implemented.

Rent review

Our lettings experts will compare your property and current rental incomes with similar lets in your area and advice on potential increases you could achieve. We provide a landlord and tenant negotiation service to manage any negotiations and administer any supporting paperwork.

Portfolio Expansion

Are you looking to grow your portfolio?

Our team will establish your goals and suggest properties that would work well as investments and suit your needs.  We support you with your due diligence to help make any new deals a success.

Financial Review

Our team can work closely with your mortgage broker/financial advisers to ensure your property investment is working hard. We can provide a summary of your portfolio with updated values and rental income to ensure your advisers/brokers are updated on your financial position. This will then enable them to propose financial solutions to ensure your interest costs remain as low as possible and any potential future borrowing potential is understood to help potentially grow your portfolio. 

Multi Units/HMO’s

Our team currently manage these specialist properties and can offer more complex advice, such as licensing obligations, fees and landlord’s responsibility’s. We understand the importance of choosing the right tenants in these multi-lets and support occupants throughout their tenancies. We work with local authority’s, enabling us to provide guidance for any proposed HMO’s and help perpetrate any necessary changes required to satisfy local councils. We help ensure competitive utility costs, helping maximise profits from each HMO. Everystep Financial can also offer advice and ensure the best market deal for all specialist/commercial mortgages.

We understand the importance of having portfolio reviews and we know that our advice has assisted many of our current landlords to maximise their portfolios.

Please get in touch to arrange your free no obligation Landlord Portfolio Review.